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February 8


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The Rational Male just posted a fantastic essay that really got me thinking. As is commonly discussed on the manosphere, women reach their sexual market peak in their early 20′s while men don’t reach theirs until their mid to late 30′s. Rollo did a bang-up job of plotting this data on a chart so we can clearly see what this looks like:

SMV Curve, courtesy of Rational Male

There’s a lot to be gleaned from this seemingly simple chart, but there is one connection in particular that  I would like to draw your attention to. As the feminists have pounded into our heads over and over again a woman’s 20′s are for experimentation and fun, not to be wasted by settling down and committing to one man; and as you can see from the chart this period coincides precisely with a woman’s peak sexual market value.

Up until about age 30 women have a clear and massive advantage over the men their age in the dating field. But after that point the tables turn 180° almost instantaneously. Suddenly the men have the upper hand and the women are scrambling to find a seat before the music stops.

As I pondered this turn of events it occurred to me that all of these man-shaming articles we’re always seeing are aimed directly at men from their mid 20′s to late 30′s. That’s exactly smack dab in the middle of a man’s meteoric rise to sexual market heights, and I don’t think the timing is coincidental:

Yes, men should man up, take on the responsibilities of an adult, get a job, have a family and be a contributing member to society.


[Men] can make choices to take control of their lives and be the men they are called to be if they just put down the game controls and choose a better direction. Sadly, at the moment, American women are apparently still in need of a few good men.

In times past the older generations would steer young women into marriage to a man with potential. Sure, in a young woman’s eyes it might look like she was settling for less than the ideal, but the older generations knew that a woman’s market value was fleeting while a man’s market value would continue growing for years to come. The time for a woman to land one of these up-and-comers was while her value was high and his was comparatively low. The man benefited early on by having a beautiful, fertile bride and she benefited later by having a man who was working steadily to provide a comfortable life for herself and their children.

What our current system is effectively doing is telling women that they are entitled to spend their years of high market value slutting it up and trying to land that elusive alpha male, and then turning around and telling men that they should be sacrificing their high market value years to create a soft landing for these women who have now (by necessity) decided to step off of the carousal and into the open arms of a waiting beta provider.

But what’s happening is that men are starting to recognize their own market potential. Most have spent a decade or more begging for scraps but are now finally coming into their own as a powerhouse of masculinity ready to divide and conquer. Why would they or should they “man up” and set about providing for these women in decline just as their own sexual market value is providing them their turn to ride high on the hog?

As usual what it comes down to is that the feminists think that women should have their cake and eat it, too. Sure, they couch it in pretty language by saying that these women have matured and are ready to settle down, but the numbers don’t lie. These women have squandered their few precious years of beauty and fertility on cad after cad and now they want a beta male coming into his prime to do what they would not – give up his SMV advantage in the interests of a committed monogamous relationship. That’s what this whole “manning up” movement is really all about. The fact that this generation of men is insisting on their fair share of the equality that the sexual revolution has wrought chaps these ladies’ hides.

The last few decades have been pretty generous to women who wanted to ride the carousel and still settle down with a beta provider later on as the men were still adjusting to the new system. But as today’s men wake up to their own sexual market value and realize that there isn’t a whole lot of incentive to “man up” and marry a woman who is past her prime when he could be out playing the field with the younger gals, the full picture of what the sexual revolution means for Western Civilization is coming into focus. And the women who played their cards foolishly don’t like this new hand they’ve been dealt one bit.
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2wingo Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
My girlfriend actually had problems with a feminazi once over this very issue a while back. Apparently, the fact that she actually has standards about who she'll sleep with and doesn't have sex with anyone who walks into her field of vision makes her "repressed" and "kowtowing to the patriarchy."
pumalord2 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Sorry  I was busy family problems. she is all some
MidnightUndead Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hadn't noticed this... interesting...
pumalord2 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
MidnightUndead Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem.
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